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Entries for June, 2009

Image Gallery (Flex)

This Image gallery is developed using Flex. This uses Flex, ActionScript, XML, CSS Please view at Flex Image Gallery

Reached New Rank at Experts-Exchange

Hello World! I would like to know about my latest accomplishment. I reached “Genius” Rank at Experts-Exchange. View My Page at

Window Details

Often time we need to get details of client browser window size, location and screen resolution. This cross-browser code does this for you with a single function call. Here is a code in action Live Example

Yahoo UI TreeView

This example is based on Yahoo User Interface library. Tree View For more details, please visit Yahoo Developer Network

Create Html Table from any XML file

Create Html Table from any XML file Often user need to transform XML file and HTML table. This generic utility will transform any XML file to Table. See the working example: Create Table from XML File

Alternate Table Row colors

Alternate Table Row colors : This simple code, let’s to add colors to table rows SeeĀ  in action Table Colors