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Entries for August, 2009

Javascript: OO Graph Library

This graph class was developed by me long back. Here is example code Like to see the graph class If you like to use it , please go ahead. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=”JavaScript1.2″> var g = new Graph(800,400); g.addRow(22, 55, 47,103,21, 62, 5, 7, 69,3,33, 7, 74, 121, 58, 5, 46,11); g.addRow(54,556,213,260,73,171,134,30,380,4, 9,18,200,500,301,13,440,15); g.addRow(76,611,260,363,94,233,139,37,449,7,42,25,274,675,359,18,486,26); g.scale = 100; […]

Javascript: Captcha

Here is a captcha validation, using Javascript. Generates Random Sequence. Validate at client side. Test Captcha Page

Google Map 1: Simple

Last Friday someone asked me, Have you programmed Google Maps ? Can you do this ? Sure ! Here is a my simple application. You need to sign-up with Google to Get Key Read Google’s GMap2 (currently V3 API). If you know Javascript and OO programming, it is fairly easy to follow. Create HTML forms, […]

Javascript: Image Gallery

Here is sample of my work. These image gallery were developed by me. Indiafest Picture Viewer IASC Brevard Picture Gallery

Javascript: Graph library

This javascript library was developed by me quite a few years back. To preview the code in action Click Here View the JavaScript code

Java: Carrom Board

I developed this game quite a few years back, while I was learning Java. This game is similar to Pool. Play Online

Flex 3 Game: Pool

Finally I finished my first version of Pool Enjoy Click here to enjoy!