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Entries for June, 2011

Javascript: GanttChart

Here is lightweight and cross browser GanttChart component [ Beta release]. This 100% developed by me. Here is an example

Javascript: Accordian

For one of my project, customer wanted an horizontal accordian control. Research indicated, I need to use quite bit of external library and extensions/plugin to get this. This inspired me to write a lightweight, cross browser horizontal accoridan. Here is an example [Horizontal Accordian] Note: These are tested with IE8/IE9 and Firefox

Funtime ! Classic 15-Puzzle

This weekend I spent sometime writing Flex/Flash Based Game. This is a classic 15-puzzle, I call it as Slide. To play you first scramble the tiles and then try to put them back in order. To move a tile you simply click on it. The only tiles you can move are those adjacent to the […]