Recently I released one of the  largest custom built enterprise application. During the testing phase, user feedback was it has amazing and consistent WUI.

Consistency is one of the design principles that users naturally expect in a design. By making your design look and behave consistently you make it more understandable, more learnable and thus more usable. In fact, the whole point of platform-specific Human Interface Guidelines is to make your app consistent with others in the same platform so that users can readily understand your app and don’t have to learn it anew.

Most probably, you’re already making your designs consistent. But how far do you take it? By making your designs visually consistent at a deeper level you could make your app a lot more professional and reliable.

Consistent icon design is very time-consuming. Last year I came across an amazing icon editor from Syncfusion. It is Metro Studio and this helped me save lot of time.

Here are few highlights of this wonderful icon editor.

  • Syncfusion Metro Studio has a collection of over 2500 Metro-style icon templates that can be easily customized to create thousands of unique Metro icons
  • These icons are available royalty-free and can be used in commercial applications
  • Metro Studio includes a powerful icon editor that lets you quickly find and customize all the icons that you need in only a few minutes
  • Easily customize thousands of font characters as icons and export them to the desired formats
  • Organize icons into projects that can be serialized for modification at a later time. Multiple icons in a project can be exported with a single click

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